1. October 06, 2019

    Best Of: VMAs Red Carpet

    The VMAs red carpet is no place to play it safe. Gwen’s blue fur bra, Courtney Love’s Madonna tribute, Rose’s barely there dress or Miley’s part cyborg part glam 2015 get-up.

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  2. October 06, 2019

    How To: Effectively Use Your Weekend So You Don’t Balls Up The Week’s Good Work

    The VMAs red carpet is no place to play it safe. Gwen’s blue fur bra, Courtney Love’s Madonna tribute, Rose’s barely there dress or Miley’s part cyborg part glam 2015 get-up.

    So go stag to weddings, be a bridesmaid and most importantly, look way better than the bride in something that doesn’t resemble a giant marshmallow.

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  3. October 06, 2019

    Exclusive: BNKR x KEVIN.MURPHY

    BNKR joins globally respected hair master KEVIN.MURPHY to present an exclusive editorial, fusing leading technology in hair with on-trend styling and pieces from the January collections available on BNKR.

    Shop C/MEO COLLECTIVE Making Waves Bustier + Making Waves Skirt.
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  4. October 06, 2019

    Pleats Please

    There’s few things we like in all their varieties – sorry bacon sundaes – but here we’ll make an exception.

    Big or small, vertical or horizontal, metallic or leather or iridescent pink. From the gold Gucci skirt spotted on every street style savant, to the sharp knife pleats sashaying down every runway – we want pleats in every hue and every variation.

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  5. October 06, 2019

    Navy Is The New Black

    We know you’ve heard it before. And no matter what they say about orange – or black, for that matter – this season, navy is our new number one. Make it tonal with endless varieties – whatcha got to say about that, black? – cool cutouts and lush beading. Join the navy club, baby, and dive into the blue.

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  6. October 06, 2019

    Trend Report: Office Supplies

    Nothing is worse than tearing round your house, hair bedraggled from sleep, trying to simultaneously drink coffee, apply eyeliner and decide on an outfit to wear from your collection of things you’ve worn a million times before. Enter our workwear edit. Upgrade your 9-5 ‘drobe with versatile pieces that streamline your early morning rush – and take you seamlessly into post-work drinks, no changing required. Yeah, you’re welcome.

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  7. October 06, 2019

    Forget Boring Bridesmaids Dresses.

    Keep it cohesive yet cool with an updated palette of soft pastels for your big day. From soft rose to peach, sweet lemon to iced grey, pastels a guaranteed crowd pleaser and their versatility means it’s super easy to work in with your colour scheme.

    Going for a classic look? Try minis, midis and maxis in simple cuts to suit all of your bridesmaids. Add subtle mesh layering or intricate beading if you want a little something extra, or go all out with frills and subtle splits.

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  8. October 06, 2019

    Finders ‘Static’

    Inspired by technology and modernity, Finder's latest collection ‘Static’ is a lesson in innovation and colour play.

    Their exclusive static print makes a pivotal statement, fusing together geometric blocks of colour, while prominent hardware and eyelets make a return, along with tassels, cording and spliced colour contrasts. By adapting these key seasonal trends, Finders reinforces their position as a constant source of new wardrobe favourites.

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  9. October 06, 2019

    Toshiba’s Object Recognition Scanner

    We all get stuck at the supermarket checkout from time to time when the assistant can’t get an item’s bar code to scan. We’re left watching in awkward silence as the flustered employee waves the item every which way, upside down, back and forth, at an angle, until they’re left literally rubbing it on the scanner in the vain hope that the machine will do us all a favor, recognize that it’s a loaf of bread and beep.

    No beep means caving in and keying in the code. Of course, that’s no great hardship, but it takes time, and when the checkout has a whole load of people waiting in line, it’s no fun for anyone.

    But thanks to engineers at Japanese electronics company Toshiba, those days may soon be over. They’ve come up with a scanner that can recognize items — no bar code required. The Object Recognition Scanner (ORS) works by utilizing pattern and color recognition technology being developed by the company.

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  10. October 06, 2019

    Festival Looks Made Easy

    You’ve semi-successfully set up your tent, picked out your outfit and lined your stomach with a bacon and egg roll – so what to do before the good tunes start in the afternoon? Give yourself a killer Splendour beauty look (before you start day drinking, please) with the stuff you’ve already got in your make up bag.

    Resident MUA + beauty expert Isabella Iasenzaniro gives you the tips on easy, impactful looks and the perfect second day hair, inspired by the runway.

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